Yeah, well, that's just like...your opinion, man.

Attention, everyone: This is how you do a REALLY FUCKING BAD cover.

[disclaimer out of the way: I don’t like Atreyu. I will never like Atreyu, or probably very many (if any) bands in their genre. It’s not my thing. But I am not shitting on you with this if you do like Atreyu.

I need to make that exceptionally clear, because I am taking this one song on its own (dubious) merits, not judging the band as a whole.]


Guys, this is bad. This is “doing it wrong.”

First off, dude, what the fuck KEY are you in? Do YOU even know? Because if you DO know…well, I take it that clean vocal aesthetics aren’t your forte, but…you’re horribly sharp. Fix that shit. If you can’t, StudioMagic can.

More than anything, though, more than the screamy growly weird shit mixed in with singing (kinda)…there is a modulation in this song that DOES NOT MODULATE. It just…is there…and then BAM! we’re back in the SAME FUCKING KEY WE STARTED IN. (I think. Clearly, the concept of “key” is tough for these guys.)

But like, seriously? SERIOUSLY? Why is that there? Why would you head-fake modulate?? To prove you’re SRS BSNS musicians or something? Because tbh, I can tell they’re not actually horribly untalented hacks, and they did a cover of FNM’s “Epic” that (while nothing touches Mike Patton…ever…) wasn’t actually that awful, and showed at least some chops, guitar-wise.

I cannot possibly be alone in this stupid non-modulation thing BUGGING THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Please, someone else tell me I’m not crazy?